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Franz Brown Paintings are being shown and are for sale at
Johnny Sundby Photography in Rapid City, SD through December 2015

A small catalog of Santa Claus art by Franz Brown is now available.


to Movie Poster Illustrator and Fine Artist, Reynold Brown


Painter and Photographer Franz Brown lives in Hot Springs, South Dakota. His work includes landscapes of the Black Hills in oil and acrylic. He also does some figurative work, portraits and the occasional locomotive that piques his interest. He recently completed a series of twelve large paintings showing the Black Hills Forest, for his series "A Forest for the Trees." Paintings may be seen in the painting section of this website.

He is currently working on a series of books relating to the important Lakota medicine man, Pte He Woptuha. His work appears signed as Franz Brown and John Porthos Falstaff or John Falstaff. He has been seen worldwide as Santa Claus due to his work as a Santa Claus model in a collaborative project with artist Tom Browning of Oregon. He also does his own Santa and Christmas paintings.



Santa Claus

First Snow


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Art Work

(Painting and Photography)

Latest in "Bear" Series

#10 Dr. Larry Agenbroad, Paleontologist

Acrylic 48x24 "

Recent Show

Golden West Telecommunications Company, Hot Springs, SD. 2010

Video Collection

 Watch videos of paintings being completed.


"Being Santa: Sidekick" has just been made available (Dec 2015) through This book features the artist in his photography and paintings for his Santa Claus art. I've kept a minimum of words so you can just enjoy the images. It is also sort of a story book but with just images, the viewers (not readers) are encouraged to make their own stories. This is just an experimental piece and probably will only be available until something else is made.

Four art books by Brown are currently available. These feature his forest paintings and  photography of Lakota artifacts.



Art Catalogs

Catalogs for projects, shows for Franz Brown and Mary Louise Brown.


Woptuha Project:

In 2005 a collection of small objects came to my attention. Initially the number was small but gradually more pieces came forward until it became considerable.

A small number of advance books were prepared so as to present the objects pictorially. At that point little analysis had been done.  Much work is still needed. 

It was also hoped that individuals sufficiently interested in the subject could not only be informed about the material being presented but more importantly might be stimulated to provide information about the objects. A few people have provided sufficient commentary to help in the continuing analysis of the objects. Many interesting questions have been raised.

I hope to add more discussion later but will provide a continuing update here.

There are five books in this series currently available.

Mary Louise Brown is the mother of Franz Brown. Her own work includes many still life and landscape paintings. Her pastel sketches of Nebraska are beautiful little gems, this little catalog gives the viewer a chance to view a few.
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Collaborative Projects.

Plains Indian Art

With Larry Belitz of Hot Springs, SD he has been photographing Lakota and Plains Indian artifacts and replications.


Christmas Art:

Franz has been working on a series of Santa Paintings. Besides this effort, for over twenty years he has worked with Tom Browning ( Eugene, Oregon) on Browning's series of paintings of Santa Claus.  These have been published world wide.
Santa Claus.

"Christmas Heartbeat" by Franz Brown

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Movie poster illustrator and fine arts artist, Reynold Brown (Main website), is the father of Franz Brown.

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