"Comfort for a Friend"
by Franz Brown / John P Falstaff

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Acrylic 20x16

In the Plains States quilting is a popular past time. Women spend many hours learning to quilt and often give the quilts to family members. The log cabin design shown here consists of a series of rectangles radiating from a small square, symbolizing the hearth (and heart) of a home.

There are many things we can give that have little to do with money and a lot to do with humanity. Love, a sympathetic ear, a bit of time and comfort are among these gifts. Here Santa wraps himself and his friend Sidekick in a Log Cabin Quilt and thus enwrapped become the “heart” of the story.

Halo-like circles radiate from Santa and his friend, Sidekick, and interlock in friendship.

This quilt was provided by Barb Sharp of Hot Springs, SD.

Fkb 1238        

Copyright,  Franz Brown