"Receiving Honors:
Santa and Farley with Star Quilt"
by Franz Brown / John P Falstaff

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Acrylic  20x16 inches

In the Plains States quilting is a popular past time. Women spend many hours learning to quilt and often give the quilts to family members. Here Santa wears a star quilt; this is especially familiar as a gift among the plains Indians.  Santa holds Farley, a little bear that appears in a number of other paintings. Over Santaís right shoulder is the Little Dipper Star constellation, which is also called Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. At the end of the handle is Polaris, the North Star.

The artistís family ancestors include the Fairleys of Scotland. This is where Farley gets his name. He wears the colors of the Rose clan, which includes the Fairleys. 

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Copyright  Franz Brown