"Tudor Santa"
"Three Bears"
by Franz Brown / John P Falstaff

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Acrylic   24x18

The three bears is a visual puzzle, the first bear is in the pendant and this should keep the viewer from spotting the other two which are “hidden” in plain sight, the two constellations, Ursa Minor (Little Bear) over Santa’s right shoulder with the large bright star Polaris and Ursa Major (Big Bear) also called the Big Dipper, which rises over Santa’s left shoulder.

Although it has something of a finished look this started more as a study to see if I could design a costume based on the clothing of royalty of the times of England’s King Henry VIII (1500s). I wanted a sense of large gemstones, gold and pearls, all of which present special painting problems. It was to be more of what one might expect Santa to wear at the Christmas celebration at the North Pole and not what he wears while making Christmas rounds delivering presents.

Fkb 1232        

Copyright Franz Brown