"Christmas Heartbeat"
by Franz Brown / John P Falstaff

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Acrylic  30x24

 I wanted a prairie Santa with male symbols to go along with the prairie doll Santa and chose the drum as a likely gift that a man would give a boy. It would be an important gift for on it the boy would learn the traditional songs of his people. Dragonflies in the sacred colors, red-north, white-south and black-west signify the speed with which Santa must move as he darts from house to house on his nighttime journey during his trip from North Pole to South Pole. A yellow dragonfly, sunrise, the end of Santa’s trip, would also be on the drum but the arm hides it. The head of the drumstick lies over the heart as the drumbeat represents the heartbeat. The drum is made of “par fleche” (un-tanned leather) wrapped around a hoop, a sacred circle. The back of the drum is seen behind Santa, but you look into the back to see not the inside of the drum but the universe instead. The little dipper constellation, over Santa’s right shoulder, dominates the sky, with the North Star, Polaris, shining most brightly. This Santa reflects nobility as well as friendliness.

Fkb 1229        

Copyright  Franz Brown