"Santa Claus and Sidekick"
by Franz Brown / John P Falstaff

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 Acrylic 30x24

In 2006 I rescued this little white dog, Sidekick, from a Salvation Army second hand store in Rapid City, SD. He was sitting amongst a lot of stuff, plates, toasters, empty vases and so forth. I was looking for a bear at the time but when I saw him I knew he would work well. As Santa I have grown attached to him and occasionally take him out for an adventure. He is quite alive, as any child could tell you.  He was one of five animals to come home with me in 2007 and I work with them in doing my Santas.

The constellation, Leo, appears above Sidekick. As Santa I wear beads in my beard, these have gradually become my Santa signature element to set me aside from other so-called Santas. The Santa painting here represents unexpected friendships.

Fkb 1217

Copyright, Franz Brown