"Oh Christmas Tree"
by Franz Brown / John P Falstaff

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Acrylic 20x16" 

This started out as a study for the Santa Train. Grizz, my grizzly bear puppet, has now become alive. His hand or paw is at his hip to demonstrate his courage while he also reaches out and holds Santa’s pants leg for emotional support, or perhaps simply in friendship. He is somewhat in awe of Santa’s magic. Santa is simply playing around, decorating a tree with light. The little bit of light reaching out to tap the bear on the nose was later removed. In the background another tree that has been lit up glows in the dark.

For those who know their constellations, Leo (The Lion) is the set of stars above and somewhat behind Santa. Leo is my “star sign” as I was born in August. In real life my figure, although “robust,” is not nearly so robust as Santa here, although I wish I could be so large; my appetite for cookies certainly wants me to have a grand figure.

This was the year I started using the Falstaff signature for special paintings.

Fkb 1215

Copyright Franz Brown