John Porthos Falstaff (Franz Brown)
Santa Claus Paintings 2005 - 2008

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"Santa with Grizz"
Acrylic 24x18"


I use a bear puppet when doing appearances as Santa to work with children. The puppets help smaller children be less afraid of meeting me (Santa).

The puppet's name is Grizz.

"Christmas Train"
Acrylic 48x24"


This was done as part of my train series. It is a Baldwin locomotive (#7) from Hill City, SD, 1880s Train. Santa and Sidekick decorate a train for Christmas. The constellation Leo is in the stars, the number of the engine has been changed to 25 (Can you figure out why?).

"Being Santa - Oh Christmas Tree"
Acrylic 20x16


This was supposed to have been just a study for FKB1212 "Christmas Train" but I got so involved and was having so much fun with it that I kept working on it. Standing next to me is Grizz (See FKB1181 Santa with Grizz), who has now come to life.

Tudor Santa


Santa has a number of friends which he especially cherishes.
Stuffed toys that have come alive and now live with him in his studio.

Sidekick is a little white dog that appears in a number of Falstaff's Christmas paintings.

"Santa with Sidekick"
Acrylic 30x24"


"Comfort for a Friend: Santa with Log Cabin Quilt and Sidekick


In his paintings of Santa, Franz Brown uses variations of  the signature John Porthos Falstaff. You may see some of the paintings being produced by going to the videos at Here is the link:

Prairie Christmas

These paintings celebrate Christmas in the heartland of America. I wanted to do a series of paintings using symbols of the plains. As I live in South Dakota the use of symbols relating to the Lakota was a logical choice.

Prairie Christmas and Christmas Heartbeat celebrate generosity of Plains Indians. In South Dakota, where I live there are many Lakota, some of whom live on the reservations, but many others live off reservation. Generosity is highly valued among them so I made a pair of paintings, one for female gift giving and the other male gift giving.

"Prairie Christmas" has Santa with a coat decorated with porcupine quills, "Christmas Heartbeat" has bead decoration. Quilts with the star pattern are a common gift made by the Indians.

"Prairie Christmas"
Acrylic 20x16"

"Christmas Heartbeat"
Acrylic 30x24

"Receiving Honors: Santa with Star Quilt and Farley"
20x16 inch



"Santa Salutes Those Who Serve Around the World"


Santa in his studio with "the boys" click for their names. Since this group shot was taken I have added a small Moose (Tundra) and a polar bear (Hotei).


"Twinkle Little Star"
Acrylic 48x24"

"Santa and Farley"
Acrylic 48x24"


Rescue was "rescued" from a dog who was using him as a toy. The dog had ripped up his Christmas scarf but had done no damage to his body, although perhaps a bit to his pride.

"Santa with Rescue"
Acrylic 36x24"



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