Catlinite Peace Pipe with Quilled Bag
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Plains Indian (Lakota) Catlinite Peace Pipe

Plains Indian (Lakota) Catlinite Peace Pipe, Bowl, Tamper, bag
This quilled stem has horse tracks, and in combination with the red horse hair, symbolized the power of running horses--the Thunderbeings.


Smoking was associated with special occasions. Clark was "impressed by the smoking habits of the Indians". Each time a tribe was encountered, the first event was the smoking of a peace pipe with tribal leaders.


The red catlinite bowl has lead inlay in the shape of bison hooves.
Close up Plains Indian (Lakota) Catlinite Peace Pipe, Bowl, bag

Quilled pouch for peace pipe
Religious items (such as peace pipes) were stored in a quilled pouch to contain their power.

quilled pouch for peace pipe, detail


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Artifacts Group 1 / Group 2 / Group 3

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