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The Lewis and Clark exhibit featured works representative of the materials collected by the Lewis and Clark expedition. The artifacts in this exhibit were built by a number of craftsmen who through their work are keeping alive the crafts of the Plains Indians. These objects were built in the same manner used by the Plains Indians of the early 1800s. A guide was prepared for the exhibit which helped explain the various items. This is the material from that guide. Artifacts by Sioux Replications, Photography by Franz Brown.


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Items 1-10

Items 11-20

Items 21-32

1. Buffalo Robe, Starburst Design

2. Eagle Bone Whistle


3. Bighorn Sheep Bow with Metal Tipped Arrows

4. Stone Headed War Club

5. Incised Knife Sheath

6. Catlinite Peace Pipe

a. Stem

b. Bowl

c. Quilled Bag


7. Pictographic Buffalo Robe

8. Split Horn War Bonnet

9. Buffalo Horn Wasna Container

10. Quilled Leadership Shirt


11. Man's Quilled Leggings

12. Grizzly Claw Necklace

13. Moccasins:

a. Mandan Moccasins with Blue and White Bear Claw Beadwork

b. Buffalo Wool Lined Moccasins

14. Buckskin Doll with Bone Toys

15. Ceremonial Rattles:

a. Gourd Rattle

b. Bison Rattle

16.Turkey Feather Fan

17. Elk Horn Quirt

18. War Shield with Amulet

19. Buffalo Tail Swatter Whisk

20. Otter Bag with Quilled Tail and Paws

21. Cedar Flute with Horse Effigy

22. Deer Hide Drum with Lightning and Buffalo Track Design

23. Bison Horn Fire Carrier

24. Buckskin Pillow with Quilled Rows

25. Porcupine Tail Hair Brush

26. Woman's Dress, Bighorn Sheep Hide

27. Plains Indian Toys

a. Hoof and Pin Game

b. Shinny and Ball

28. Eating Utensils

a. Buffalo Horn Spoon

b. Buffalo Horn Bowl

c. Buffalo Horn Ladle

d. Buffalo Bladder Canteen

29. Food with Buffalo Bone Farming Tools

a. Blue Corn

b. Timpsila

c. Buffalo Jerky with Dried Chokecherry Patties

d. Buffalo Shoulder Blade Hoe

e. Leg Bone Digger

f. Shoulder Blade Knife

30. Tanning Tools

a. Elk Horn Scraper (Wahintke).

b. Bone Flesher

c. Wood Handled Beamer with Metal Blade

31. Bison Hide Tipi with Quilled Dangles

32. Buffalo Bull Boat with Paddle

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