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These three links all take you to Franz Brown's main website where you can find his paintings. Franz uses both Franz Brown and John Porthos Falstaff as signatures for his work.

Franz Brown does his own paintings of Santa Claus.

He is also a Santa Claus model who has been seen as Santa Claus around the world. This has been a twenty year collaboration (started 1986) with Oregon artist Tom Browning. Livejournal permits a person to keep a journal about various subjects. Franz Brown uses this site to occasionally record progress on individual paintings by showing photos of paintings in various stages of completion. Discussion may include various aspects relating to the production of art (such as inspiration and motivation) as well as problems an artist may face.

In a few case Franz Brown may produce a short video showing a particular painting being completed from start to finish. Basic biographical information about Franz Brown Still photography by Franz Brown

Artistic Collaboration by Franz Brown with Other Artists

Plains Indian Artifacts 


Belitz artifacts
In a collaborative effort with Larry Belitz, a nationally prominent craftsman recognized for his replicas of Plains Indian artifacts and his efforts to preserve the knowledge necessary for the manufacture of these objects. Franz Brown has done a number of projects in which he has photographed Belitz's replications of  Plains Indian artifacts as well as some of the actual original material that Belitz has collected. See some of this work here.

Lewis and Clark: Gifts of the Mandan
Brown worked with Belitz on a show of artifacts representing the materials collected by the Lewis and Clark expedition. The artifacts are shown here in a guide that was available for teacher and docents..


Santa Claus, Traditional and non traditional representations, with Tom Browning

Visit to get more information on Tom Browning and his Santa Claus work. To find cards and prints look to your local Christmas shops. appears on collector prints, Christmas Cards and various memorabilia.

Reynold Brown
Reynold Brown is the father of Franz Brown. Reynold was a noted illustrator of movie posters during the 1950s and 60s.

Mary Louise Tejeda-Brown

For information about Mary Louise Tejeda-Brown, mother of Franz Brown, and noted pastel artist, go to This site contains biographical information and pictures of Tejeda's artwork.


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