Photo Show States of Mind

Many (perhaps most) people take photos of happy. Happy people, happy occasions, happy places, happy things.

They tell their subjects to smile; "say cheese." They seldom confront their sad depressed emotions with the camera. They may photograph weddings and parties, but how many cameras come out at a funeral? They photograph places like theme parks, or natural wonders. Everything is pretty, pretty boring. I remember watching a man pose for his picture, I later saw the results. He had the most horrible plastic smile on his face, a mask that hid the real person.  I shoot most of my victims without smiles but instead with meaning. I frequently shoot such things as flowers, trees covered in autumn color and so forth, but the most beautiful images have something else about them, a certain melancholy. Abandoned things, the discards of society, sorrow, aloneness, decay and decline have an intriguing emotional content.

Here are a few of my melancholia. They are not about evil, but about reality. Please Click on the images to see enlargements and learn more about their production and meaning for me.


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