A few years ago Franz Brown suggested an event for The FlatIron, a coffee bar in Hot Springs, SD. It should be a simple event celebrating pink and spring. The FlatIron owner enthusiastically took the idea and now each spring "Flamingo Day" is held at the FlatIron. Things pink are encouraged, clothing, drinks, food and decorations, besides numerous pink flamingoes. A pleasant one day event as the town opens up for the summer tourist season. On the first year Fran Brown designed a poster and did a series of photographs of things pink around town just prior to Flamingo Day. He hunted around town looking for things pink, here are but a few.

Photo Show: House in a Pink Cloud                     $225 Each

House in a Pink Cloud

Table in Launch Position

Late Snow

Stair With Pink Chalk Drawing

Sidewalk Drawing

Saving Betty

The Grand Stairway

Pink Trapped in Plum

Horse in a Corner

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