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"Puddle on a Country Road"
oil 9x12


Follow the links above to see the paintings sorted by the year that they were completed. Until paintings are sold they are subject to additional work. Often details are added or color may be changed. The completion date only reflects when most of the work was completed and the signature was added

Up to 2003 most of my work was in oil. I switched to acrylic in 2003 and since then have used it for most of my work.

The Red Rose:
A Portrait of Ted Brockett, M.D.
Oil 20x16


These show different stages in the process of painting Dr. Ted Brockett. See Bear series.

In 2009 I decided to revisit oil with some of my Santa studies and then did a larger piece for "Bears. For this series six paintings have been completed.
At the end of 2003 I received a large (32x40) canvas as a gift and found I liked doing larger paintings; I have done many since then. "Maverick Junction"
acrylic 32x40

FKB 1111
Being Santa #1- Santa with Friend
Acrylic 24x18

Although I have modeled as a Santa Claus for over twenty years it was not until 2005 that I did a self portrait as Santa Claus.

In 2005, while working as a resident artist near Hill City, SD I discovered the locomotives of the 1880s train. Both the engines and the personnel operating and caring for them have been of interest to me. My grandfather was an engineer, and although I never new him, my father had told me a few stories about him and how his father used to pick him up on the way home (in the locomotive) and carry him back to the rail yard. As Santa Claus I had the privilege of riding on the Christmas Train in Chadron NE for a few years.

 Baldwin Engine 110 Waiting to Board
Acrylic 5x7


1880 Train, Hill City, SD
"A Walk in the Woods #01":
 The Harney Peak Trail"
Acrylic 24x48


Scene near Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, SD.

I began my "Walk in the Woods" series in 2007. I have long been fascinated with trees and often wondered if they do not have some kind of soul, even though Christian faiths deny it. I cannot help wondering what it is that makes a tree, as well as ourselves, be alive. We do ourselves and our forests a great disservice by seeing trees only in terms of commercial value as lumber. This series celebrates the beauty of the forests of the Black Hills, South Dakota. Twelve paintings have completed in the series.

For a long time I shied away from including the human figure in my work. In 2003 I started doing them. Uncle Carl is still one of my favorite paintings. "Uncle Carl Was Always Proud of His Chickens"
9x12 acrylic

So I have changed over the years, have fun looking for growth.

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