Franz Brown, Paintings - 2013

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Paintings Completed 2013
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Acrylic 7x9


On rare occasions I have done paintings of dogs with whom I have become friends. Moki lived near my home and I often saw her when I was out walking. If she saw me she would bark or howl until I came over and gave her a good rubbing. She eventually moved to Colorado with her family.

Moki died in 2014, she was a good friend.


Oil 16x20

Oil 18x24

Oil 18x24

Thunderclouds are the great spectacle of the prairie states. These three paintings, based on the clouds of the Nebraska Panhandle (northwest Nebraska) are typical of the region. These were viewed from my home in Dawes County. The county contains the Nebraska National Forest. This is rough terrain with small creeks running through hills and buttes. It is actually the southernmost portion of the geologic region known as the Black Hills.

Bears, Continued
Curt and Ollie
Oil 48x24


This is not the final image. It  has had a few minor changes to it.

go to Bears to see final painting.

You can follow the progress of individual paintings in the Bear series at

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