Franz Brown, Paintings - 2012

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Paintings Completed 2012
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"Tuba Christmas"

"Santa with Tuba and GŁnter, the Red Teddy Bear"
Acrylic 48x24

Work in Progress and completed. See below for enlargement.

Here is my family of toys. Many of these little guys have  been featured in at least one painting. This is GŁnter's first; he arrived in February 2012.

Acrylic 48x24



GŁnter, the Red Teddy Bear arrived as an after Valentine's Day sale bear. He has a good heart; no surprise there.

As for the instrument I suppose the proper name would be a sousaphone, it is the marching band version of a tuba. The orchestral tuba (below)  faces upward whereas the marching band tuba faces forward. I was able to borrow these instruments from the local high school. It was white and I wanted gold so I just had to imagine it as I wanted it. I also had to imagine in the reflections. Not easy


I also tried out a regular tuba.For some odd reason I have always liked the tuba.

The Beaver Dam Series

Acrylic 24x48


This series was begun in 2011. This is the largest for the series so far. Another was begun but is not yet complete.

Bears, Continued
Curt and Ollie, Study
Oil 12x6

See paintings for 2013 for final 48x24 oil Painting.


You can follow the progress of individual paintings in this series at

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