Franz Brown, Paintings - 2010

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Paintings Completed 2010.
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"High Country, Evening"
Acrylic 24x48"


"A Forest for the Trees #11:
This is not the final name, it's going to take some thought.

To find this location I had gone down a back road in the high country, it slowly narrowed until my truck could not get through and I ended up backing up quite a ways. I finally parked along the side of the road and camped. In the evening I took a trail down the hillside and found this beautiful spot, the light was low and purple and it would soon be dark. Here the forest was a mixture of Ponderosa Pine, White Spruce and Aspen. Blue flag iris were blooming.

"A Forest for the Trees #12:
"Recovery Zone, Jewel Cave National Monument"
Acrylic 24x48"


"A Forest for the Trees #12:

This was a view I observed while hiking in Jewel Cave National Monument, west of Custer SD. According to the old Greek philosophers there were four elements, earth, air, water and fire. These are the great forces that shape the nature of the forest. Soil type (Earth) and moisture (Water) are important determining factors in the type of trees to be found in any area. Wind and Fire are the forces which can dramatically change the nature of the forest. Here was an area that had been burned over and all the trees, Ponderosa Pines were nothing but not spikes pointing to the sky. A few trees had survived and their seeds (as well as those that had not been destroyed by the fire, would begin the process of reforestation. Wind (Air) can bring moisture but also can fan flames. In the summer thunderheads rise over the Black Hills bringing much needed moisture but also igniting fires.

"Cloudy Day"
Acrylic 9x12


"Cheyenne River Evening, Thunderclouds:
Wild Horse Sanctuary, South Dakota"
Acrylic 24x48


The Cheyenne River runs through mostly grasslands. In the Wild Horse Sanctuary is enters some rough country along the southern edge of the Black Hills. It provides enough moisture for a few cottonwood trees. In the summer it is only a few inches deep in most places and in recent years the river disappears and becomes nothing but a few puddles, prisons for small fish occasionally saved a sudden summer shower. The larger fish are quickly removed by herons and pelicans.

Red Wing
Acrylic 10x14


Baldwin locomotive 104 of the 1880s Train in Hill City, SD. The train crossing was over a swampy area filled with cat tails. Redwing Blackbirds lived in the cattails and so I changed the name of the engine to Red Wing.

"Wyoming Landscape"
Acrylic 24x48"


A location in Wyoming West of Riverton. Based on some photography I did long ago, my records weren't clear as to exact location, but I think this is about correct.

Jim and Farley
oil 7x5"


Miniature practice work from Bear series.
Ronnie, Boris and Ollie
oil 7x5"


Miniature practice work from Bear series.
Ted and Farley
oil 7x5"


Miniature practice work from Bear series.

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