Franz Brown, Paintings 2007

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Paintings Completed 2007
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"Christmas Train"
Acrylic 24x48


Baldwin locomotive 7, The 1880 Train, Hill City, SD. The number was changed to 25 because of the subject.
Not for Sale
"A Walk in the Woods #01":
 The Harney Peak Trail"
Acrylic 24x48


Scene near Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, SD.
"Making Time ... for Friends"
Acrylic 24x48


Baldwin locomotive 104, The 1880 Train, Hill City, SD
"Making time" can have two meanings: getting things done quickly as in speeding down the highway or railway, or finding the time or taking the time to do something, usually something special. Here the engineer, normally concerned about keeping on or ahead of schedule by "making time" down the tracks, stops and interrupts his normal schedule for something special or perhaps even more important, a visit with a friend. (2012, changes being added.)
Saint Urho
Acrylic 20x16

FKB 1219

According to his supporters, Urho chased the grasshoppers out of Finland, thus saving the grapes.
"A Walk in the Woods #02:
Little Devil's Tower Trail"
Custer State Park, SD
Acrylic 24x48 inches


Custer State Park, SD
"Wind and Rain"
Acrylic 24x36 inches

"Quaking Aspen, Spring"
Acrylic 12x24

FKB 1223
"A Walk in the Woods, #03:
The Aspen Grove"
Acrylic 24x48"

Cheyenne River Cottonwoods
Acrylic 12x24"

Grand Old Cottonwood
Acrylic 12x24

FKB 1226
"A Walk in the Woods, #04:
Grand Old Cottonwood
Acrylic 24x48


Prairie Christmas
Acrylic 24x18

Christmas Heartbeat
Acrylic 30x24

Santa and Farley
Acrylic 48x24


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