Franz Brown, Paintings 2006
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Paintings Completed 2006
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"I Took the Train...One Day"
Acrylic 12x24

Baldwin 110 at Canada Crossing
Engine from 1880 Train, Hill City, SD


"I took the train
and for a few hours
I pretended:
It was a one way ticket,
I wasn't coming back,
Maybe I'd write,
Once a week,
Once a month,
Once or twice more.

I'd forget,
and then
One day..."

- January 2006


Snowy Day in Spearfish Canyon
Acrylic 36x48"

Spearfish Canyon, South of Spearfish, in the Black Hills of SD
Ed in the Rain
Acrylic 5x7

Ed, a conductor at the 1880 Train in Hill City, SD. A large version of this has been completed.
Prairie Clouds, Early Evening Harvest
Acrylic 24x36


This scene was noted East of the small town of Buffalo Gap, SD. An area of wheat fields a simple visual feast of blue and yellow. This provided the opportunity to do the clouds in a very loose, brushy style.

"The Red Balloon"
Acrylic 24x48


Otherwise called self portrait as John Falstaff with 1880 Train , Baldwin Engine110, Hill City, SD, Fourth of July. A little much. Perhaps.
Plenty happening here in this scene about independence. Fourth of July is represented in the general holiday related activity. This is a composite of a number of scenes I saw while attending the Independence Day celebrations in Hill City, SD. The train is a symbol of independence in our early history. Left to right develops a story of a child growing up and gradually becoming more independent until arriving at the boy with a bicycle who has achieved a first major moment of gaining independence for a boy. The final moment in the scene is the red balloon that has some how become free of all the other balloons. For this balloon as most of us well know, independence comes with a degree of fragility and insecurity.


"Rose of Tranquility"
Acrylic 24x36"

1202 Study of Rose 6/28/2006
Acrylic 7x5

1203 Rose Study 6/28/2006
Acrylic 7x5

"Little Pink Airplanes Flying Around a Clear Blue Lake"
Acrylic 24x48

"Man reading book at fountain" study for 1205
Acrylic 7x5

"girls flying at fountain" study for 1205
Acrylic 6x9

"Self Portrait as John Falstaff in Parade Armor"
Acrylic 24x18


Not for Sale
Railroad Fireman David
Acrylic 5x7

Baldwin 104
Acrylic 6x12"

"Storm Rising"
Acrylic 16x20


"Thunderhawk, Sorraia Stallion Portrait"
Acrylic 20x16


The Sorraia is very rare breed of horse. It is one of four progenitor breeds (original wild horses) from which all man bred horses descend. They were almost extinct in Europe and in about 1917 were down to about 11 wild horses in the Sorraia swamps of Portugal. Luckily some of these horses escaped into the wild from Spanish explorers of the 1500s. A small number of breeders in South Dakota captured a few of their descendents and now maintain a preservation program that documents these horses and checks for genetic purity. To date about 300 are known to exist throughout the world. Many of these are in South Dakota. Would you like to more? Go to for an organization dedicated to the preservation of the Sorraia Mustang (and the Spanish Mustang). Wind Cross Conservancy is an 501(c)(3) organization. 

The logo was made from the painting to the left.

"Being Santa - Oh Christmas Tree"
Acrylic 20x16


This originally was just supposed to be a sketch for fkb1212.

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