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Paintings Completed 2004 group 4 of 4
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 This grouping is a series of studies of a home in Alabaugh Canyon in the Southern Black Hills, SD (near Hot Springs.). The goal was to get a sense of the location and the sky. The viewpoint was controlled by the requirement to have the house in the picture. The final picture was to be a diptych of two canvasses 3x2 and 3x4 ft. The two works would be framed separately but hang together. An unfortunate set of circumstances prevented the completion of this work but the studies came out rather nice..
"Thunder Rising" Study
Acrylic 6x12.375"

The first image shows a view of the house from the North. the valley runs north south and so this view gives a distant view of horizon with thunderheads rising in the evening light.

"Mid-day Buildup" Study
Acrylic 6 x 12.375"

Here I was somewhat southeast of the house so I could get the ridge running along the west of the house. It is about noon, when thunderheads usually buildup during the summer. The hill to the upper left has a rocky cliff of red stone to the left and a whiter material to the right.

""Quiet Light" Study
Acrylic 6 x 12.375"

This is the same view point as S02. I like the evening light. The clouds a delicate with a hint a rose. They will have only a few minutes of this rose color before the sun is gone completely and the clouds disappear in darkness.

"Celebration" Study
Acrylic 9 x 18"


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This takes the basic idea of the third study. It is evening and the valley is thrown in shadow. A hint of the setting sun is seen in the mountain edges which catch the last glimmer of the descending sun. The house is lit up to receive guests who have perhaps stopped just down the road to enjoy the sunset.

The view is from the mountain side to the east of the house. I climbed up about halfway to get the viewpoint amongst Ponderosa Pines. I include them to give a sense of seeing the house through the trees and to give a sense of depth to the image.

Easier said than done for it took much crossing back and forth to find a viewpoint where the house could be seen at the desired angle. A deep rocky cliff cut the ridge in half so I had to go to the top of the mountain and back down before finding a way to get into position.


Cement Truck

"Repairing the viaduct on a Rainy Day"
Acrylic  9x18 inches


The viaduct is a bridge on University Street, in Hot Springs, South Dakota.
In the background is the Pioneer History Museum, formerly the Hot Springs School.

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