Franz Brown, Paintings - 2003

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Paintings Completed 2003

Not all 2003 paintings are shown here

I arrived in Hot Springs, SD in May 2003. Many of the paintings completed since then have related to the Black Hills where there is a beautiful National Forest, as well as a number of National Parks and the very fine  Custer State Park of South Dakota's.

"The Rope Swing"
Hot  Brook, Hot Springs, SD
acrylic 6x9


I found this little spot north of Hot Springs. Hot Brook eventually joins Col Brook to make Fall River. This little pool had gold fish, it was a beautiful peaceful spot. FKB1104 is the same location viewing the pond from a spot next to the tree shown here. (See below right)
"The Blue Wall"
Acrylic 12x18"

This is a scene in Tesechoacan, a small village in Vera Cruz state, Mexico. I think this is one of my finest pieces, I hope eventually to do it big but as of April 2009 it hasn't happened.
"Evening, Fall River"
 6x12 acrylic

FKB 1102
"Low Clouds, Sylvan Lake, Black Hills, SD"
July 2003 Acrylic 12x24

FKB 1103
"Goldfish in Hot Brook"
12x9 acrylic

"The Villa Theresa, Hot Springs, SD"
Acrylic  6x12"


This house originally owned by Evans, an important founding father in Hot Springs, SD

"Uncle Carl Was Always Proud of His Chickens"
9x12 acrylic


A favorite of mine, this is based on an artist I met in Oregon. He had iridescent green on black chickens. I watched him feed them and the idea for this painting came to mind. He gained weight in the painting.

"The Invisible Wall"
12x18 Acrylic


"As each day passed
She saw the Wall less and less
Until one day she didn't look at all
And on that day
The Wall

The little poem goes with this painting. The painting has an underlying message about how things vanish even though they are in plain sight. No matter how flamboyant like this wall, many things disappear this way. The wall has arrows pointing to the girl as if trying to get her attention but it can't. I saw a wall similar to this in Bend, OR.

12x24 acrylic

"Maverick Junction"
acrylic 32x40

FKB 1111

To the right is a detail of the lower portion of this painting.

Maverick Junction, detail.
This location is East of Hot Springs, SD, on Highway 79. I liked the normally large cement trucks dwarfed by the magnificent cloudy sky.
Frozen River, Steamboat Springs, CO
9x12 Acrylic

FKB 1112
Sunset, Snowy Field
9x12 Acrylic

FKB 1113

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