On a Grand Scale
Major Works for Large Spaces
by Franz Brown (Show Closed)

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The Red Rock River Resort is in a beautiful old red sandstone building in Hot Springs, SD. The middle floor contains spas, massage rooms and small number of rooms for over night stays in a peaceful place.


Many offices, businesses and homes feature large spaces that need large paintings to provide a more beautiful living or pleasant working space. This show placed  larger paintings into such spaces so that viewers could see how a good space may be enhanced through the use of a fine original painting instead of more commercial products. A small selection of photographs from Brown's "House in a Pink Cloud" show were also on display. These are photographs of Hot Springs in which pink was a special element.

Large Paintings 36x48,   Large Paintings 24x48,   Large Paintings 24x36Smaller Paintings
House in a Pink Cloud: Photography

Large Paintings3 feet x 4 feet (36 x 48 inches)
$7200 Each

Morning Walk After a Rain
Acrylic 36x48

"Turtle Rock"
Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, SD
Acrylic 36x48

Snowy Day in Spearfish Canyon
Acrylic 36x48"

Spearfish Canyon, South of Spearfish, in the Black Hills of SD


Large Paintings, 2 x 4 Feet (24 x 48 Inches) 
$4800 Each

Seven Sisters
Acrylic 24x48

Buffalo Gap, Thunderheads Approach
Acrylic 24x48

Evening Thunderheads over Buffalo Gap
Acrylic on Canvas 24x48

Early Morning, Sylvan Lake
Acrylic 24x48



Large Paintings 2 Feet x 3 Feet (24 x 36 inches)
 $3600 Each
"Minnekahta Sunset"
Acrylic 24 x 36"

Early Light Reflections
Acrylic 24x36

Snowy Road
Acrylic 24x36



Smaller Paintings Available
Our Last Spring Together
Acrylic 24x24        $2400

The Rose Fence
Acrylic 18"x24"       $1800

Red Rock Morning, Passing Storm
Acrylic 9"x18"         $1265

Cloudy Day
Oil 9x12"     $700



Photo Show: House in a Pink Cloud
$225 Each

House in a Pink Cloud

Table in Launch Position

Late Snow

Stair With Pink Chalk Drawing

Sidewalk Drawing

Saving Betty

The Grand Stairway

Pink Trapped in Plum

Horse in a Corner

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Trains A Forest for the Trees / Santa Claus / Bears: Large Men / Large Works /Miniatures

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