The Baldwin Locomotives of the 1880s Train, Hill City, SD

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The "1880s Train" is a favorite of visitors to the Black Hills in South Dakota. Preservation efforts were directed at rescuing three old engines that now pull passengers along a scenic ride between Hill City (where the engines are housed) and Keystone. The train, officially the Black Hills Central Railroad, had its first run in 1957 with Baldwin Locomotive number 69, a 2-8-0 engine, the Klondike Casey. That engine was later sold and has recently been restored. It is now running at its original home, the White Pass and Yukon Railway in Skagway, Alaska. (

There are four engines now running at the 1880's train, my favorites are the Baldwin locomotives 7, the 104 and the 110. The 7 has a number of red elements, the 104 has green, the 110 is blue. You may see them for real at their website

Oiling Number7
Acrylic  5X7

Hill City, SD
Baldwin Engine #7 takes tourists from Hill City to Keystone in the Black Hills.
1880 Train, Hill City, SD

Conductor Ed
Acrylic  7x5

1880 Train
Hill City, SD

Letting Off Steam, Engine #110
Acrylic  5X7


Baldwin No. 110
1880 Train, Hill City, SD

Outbound Whistleblower
Acrylic 5x7

Hill City, SD
1880 Train, Baldwin #110

Baldwin Engine 110 Waiting to Board
Acrylic 5x7


1880 Train, Hill City, SD
Baldwin Number 7 at Glassblower's Trestle
Acrylic 5x7


1880 Train, Hill City, SD
Boarding Engine 110
Acrylic 5x7
1880 Train, Hill City, SD
Train Station on a Snowy Morning
Acrylic 5x7
"I Took the Train...One Day"
Acrylic 12x24

Baldwin 110 at Canada Crossing
Engine from 1880 Train, Hill City, SD
Ed in the Rain
Acrylic 5x7

Ed, a conductor at the 1880 Train in Hill City, SD.

This is a study for fkb1222, See below

Railroad Fireman David
Acrylic 5x7

Baldwin 104
Acrylic 6x12"


Red Wing
Acrylic 10x14


Baldwin locomotive 104 of the 1880s Train in Hill City, SD. The train crossing was over a swampy area filled with cat tails. Redwing Blackbirds lived in the cat tails and so I changed the name of the engine to Red Wing.

"The Red Balloon"
Acrylic 24x48

Otherwise called self portrait as John Falstaff with 1880 Train , Baldwin Engine110, Hill City, SD, Fourth of July.
"Christmas Train"
Acrylic 24x48

Baldwin Locomotive 7, The 1880 Train, Hill City, SD. The number was changed to 25 because of the subject.
"Making Time ... for Friends"
Acrylic 24x48

Baldwin Locomotive 104, The 1880 Train, Hill City, SD
"Making time" can have two meanings: getting things done quickly as in speeding down the highway or railway, or finding the time or taking the time to do something, usually something special. Here the engineer, normally concerned about keeping on or ahead of schedule by "making time" down the tracks, stops and interrupts his normal schedule for something special or perhaps even more important, a visit with a friend.
"Wind and Rain"
Acrylic 24x36 inches

A rainy day in Hill City, SD. The conductor stops for a moment after checking equipment, strikes a great pose, and then hurries off to another job.


Festival of Trees, Train theme


During the Christmas season many organizations sponsor a Festival of Trees. They usually have some theme.  I wanted to do a Santa in a similar vein so I did this with a few objectives, a whimsical Santa based on Christmas Trees and Trains. I chose a locomotive based on an old engine, a historical engine that ran in Canada. To develop the whimsy I have puffing out green steam in the form of a Christmas Tree. I also placed a train running around the belt and in the buckle area placed a snowflake. The snowflake incorporates railroad crossing signals in each of the six arms. The buttons on Santa's coat are similar to the locomotive wheels. The moose is a beloved animal of many northern regions and gave me a chance to be in a different toy from my usual teddy bears. My Santas may be seen in the Santa portion of this site.


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