These miniatures paintings by Franz Brown are from 20 to 54 square inches. Considering that his favorite size is 24x48 inches (1152 sq inch) this is quite small. The smallest here is 3x3 inches. They take a lot more work per square inch and so, on a per square inch basis are more expensive than the larger paintings. Most of these are done as preliminary works before going to the large paintings. If a 24x48 paintings is planned then a series of small works 3x6, 4x8, 6x12 and 12x24 may be done first. Sometimes the work stops with the small ones.

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FKB1043 Larkspur in Steamboat
oil 6x9

Low Cloud in the Black Hills, North of Hot Springs, SD
oil 6x9

FKB1075 Sycamore at Riding Stables, Carlsbad, CA
acrylic 6x8
FKB1082 Daisy Garden
oil 6x8
FKB1083 Near Hazel, SD
oil 6x9
FKB1095 Clouds at Whitney Lake
oil 6x8
FKB1098 Hot Brook, Hot Springs, SD
acrylic 6x9
FKB1102 Evening, Fall River, Hot Springs, SD"
acrylic 6x12
FKB1110 Fall Scene, Black Hills
acrylic 6x9
FKB1136-s05 -S05 study at Nature Conservancy, Whitney Preserve
acrylic 6x9
FKB1136-s06 -S06 sunset at the nature conservancy
acrylic 6x9

FKB1146 snow study
acrylic 6x9
FKB1147 snow study
acrylic 6x9
FKB1152 Evening Thunderheads over Buffalo Gap
Acrylic on Gatorboard 6X12
FKB1153 Thunderheads over Pine Ridge
Acrylic on Gatorboard 6x12
FKB1154 Chasing the Sun
Acrylic on Gatorboard 8x12
FKB1157 heavyweight golfer
Acrylic on Gatorboard 7x5
FKB1159 day hiker, self portrait
Acrylic on Gatorboard 7x5
Sylvan Lake, Study for 1165
Acrylic on gatorboard 5x7
FKB1166 Moonrise, Photographer's Rock
Acrylic  5X7
FKB1167 Self Portrait as Flower Vendor
Acrylic  7X5
Oiling Number7
Acrylic  5X7
FKB1169 Conductor Ed
Acrylic  5X7
FKB1170 Letting Off Steam, Engine #110
Acrylic  5X7
Outbound Whistleblower
Acrylic  5X7
Gloria's Garden
Acrylic  5X7
FKB1173 Baldwin Engine 110 Waiting to Board
Acrylic  5X7
Baldwin Number 7 at Glassblower's Trestle
Acrylic  5X7
FKB1176 Sierra in the Morning
Acrylic 5x7
FKB1184 Sylvan Lake, Snow and Ice
Acrylic 5x7
Self portrait as Santa
Acrylic 3x3
Buffalo Christmas
Acrylic 3.375x5
Spearfish Canyon in Winter
Acrylic 3x5
Boarding 110
Acrylic 5x7
Train Station, Hot Springs, SD
Acrylic 5x7
Truck in Morning, Finishing Paperwork
Acrylic 5x7
FlatIron Coffee Shop, Hot Springs, SD
Acrylic 5x7
FKB1193 Sojourner Inn, Hot Springs, SD
Acrylic 5x7
FKB1194 Scotty's Christmas, Hot Springs, SD
Acrylic 5x7
Ed in the Rain
Acrylic 5x7
FKB1210 Railroad Fireman David
Acrylic 5x7

FKB1211 Baldwin 104
Acrylic 6x12"


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