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Paintings of Trains and Locomotives

Trains: A series of paintings of the 1880s Train in Hill City, SD. The emphasis is not on the technical aspects but more on the emotional or symbolic importance of trains. Trains as symbols of freedom, exploration, movement.

Paintings exploring trains and locomotives with an emphasis on psychological elements instead of technological material. These are the locomotives restored by "The 1880s Train" in Hill City, South Dakota.

A Forest for the Trees

An intimate look at the forests of the Black Hills, South Dakota. This series was begun in 2005.

Each painting shows a solitary hiker in the woods. The emphasis is on the beauty of these forests. 

As of Jan 2010 twelve large paintings (2 x 4 ft) have been completed as well as a number of smaller works. The goal for this series was twelve large paintings; these are now complete. (But I hope to add to the series.)

Santa Claus

Santa Claus: I have long had an interest in Santa Claus. My personal interests in Santa Claus is in his personality. My paintings are not about the giving of objects but of self. Sharing time, joy, awe. Giving comfort. Emotional gift giving.

Many artists have done paintings of Santa Claus. Today the portrayal of Santa Claus is primarily to promote the sale of products. He is used as a symbol of generosity.

The significance of Santa for me is generosity, caring, especially for children. He was heavily shaped by the great illustrators of the United States and has become an important symbol for American goodwill around the world. The adoption of this symbol by other countries shows the universality of the shared cultural values for which Santa stands. Different artists have presented Santa and shaped our perceptions. Thomas Nast (mid 1800s) gave us the basic look of Santa, jolly fat man-elf, white bearded in a fur suit. Haddon Sundblom helped shape the iconic look of Santa in his work for Coca Cola. From about 1930 to 1960 he established a traditional suit of red trimmed with white fur, a large belt with a square buckle and winter boots. Tom Browning working from 1987 to the present has done well over 150 paintings of Santa Claus that have been published internationally. He not only presents Santa in the traditional Christmas setting but also in his vacation time, with Santa golfing, fishing, boating, skiing and engaging in various other activities.  I have had the pleasure of serving as the model for most of these paintings.



Recognizing  men who give to their community but tend to go unnoticed.

As of December 2009 six 4 x 2 ft paintings have been completed. The long term objective is 10 paintings.

Small paintings about 54 square inches or less

Large Works
This show was of the large paintings by Franz Brown, 6 to 12 square feet.

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Trains A Forest for the Trees / Santa Claus / Bears: Large Men / Large Works /Miniatures

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