How to buy books.

The books are sold at

If you want some help here it is.

How to use

1.       Log in to (click on this link)

2.       There is usually a discount coupon available on the opening page. Usually one word. You might want to write it down so you can use it later in the ordering process.

3.       See the word “Find”. In the search box next to it enter  franz brown indian.

a.       This will bring up a page with the three books on it.

                                                               i.      Talking to Spirits, Yuwipi Figures…

                                                             ii.      Thunder Visions, Crazy Horse Wotawe…

                                                            iii.      Shadow World Voices, Talismanic Relics…


4.       Click on “add to cart” button for the book you want.

a.       This will bring up the shopping cart with the book listed including quantity and price.           

                                                               i.      You can change the quantity if you want to. The shopping cart will keep track of your bill. IMPORTANT: When you’re ready to check out correct the quantities. Often when you leave the page and come back to it, it will automatically add another copy to what you already ordered.

b.       If you want another book click on “continue shopping” button (under the subtotal). On the next screen re enter  “franz brown indian” to bring up the indian books again.

c.       Do this for each additional book you want.

5.       When you have selected the books, and you’re on the shopping cart page listing the books you want to order go over the quantities to make sure they are the number that you what want.

a.       If you don’t want a book click on the red X button on the right of the book order to delete that book.

6.       When the quantities are correct, click “update cart” button.

a.       This will give the sub-total on your order.

7.       Click on the checkout button.

a.       This brings up a membership page where you will get a lulu membership. They ask for e-mail address and password  or

                                                               i.      If you’re already a member you log in with e-mail address and password on the right.

b.        If you are signing up for the first time you will then get a shipping address page. Fill this in and then click “save address”.  If you want the billing address to be different uncheck the little box at the bottom of the page where it says “Use my shipping address for my billing address.

8.       The next page gives the method of shipment. Check the one you want.    

9.       The next page is for billing and will ask for a credit card number and billing address if it’s not the same as the shipping address. Under payment type you can also click PayPal if you want to use that service.

a.       Click “save and continue” button. This takes you to the review order page. Correct what needs to be corrected.

                                                               i.      At the bottom right hand is a place to enter the coupon code. If you want to you can enter the code here, then press the update button to see new total and savings.

                                                             ii.      If don’t want to use the coupon  click place order.

                                                            iii.      This should send out your order.

As the books are only printed one at a time it takes about 5 days to print. Mail speed depends on the type of shipping which you requested.

These books are printed on demand only, that is one at a time for individual customers. The combined printing and shipping time is about two weeks.


Note: When you do the search if you just enter franz brown you will also get my art books.

If you wish to see my own art (paintings) you may do so at

Franz Brown
646 S 16th B4
Hot Springs, SD 57747