Shunke Wakan
Wotawe of
the Lakota Medicine Man

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Woptuha Book 5
Shunke Wakan

Hard bound, 9x7 inches, 54 pages.

Many of the wotawe made by Woptuha included a horse. This book brings together various horse wotawe. The horse was a new creature brought to the Americas by the invading Spanish who were conquering Mexico during the 1500s. The horses were captured, stolen, traded and escaped to freedom gradually moving northward. The Lakota discovered the horses as they moved into the great plains (South and North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska). They nearest thing they had that was related to the horse was the dog and so the word dog (shunke) was used to identify the horse. The word wakan (giving a sense of holy or mysterious) was added to separate the horse from the dog, thus Shunke Wakan, Adjectives are added after nouns). Tashunke, also used for horse, is basically a shortened form used for horse, so for example Crazy Horse was called Tashunke Witko, or "Horse Crazy." The horse became associated with the "Thunder Beings," entities that had a highly influential relationship with the Lakota.

This book is being printed on demand only, one at a time, the number printed is expected to be small.

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Above Left: Crazy Horse Heart Stone with Big Head Horse representing the "Thunder Beings." Dreaming of the Big Headed Horse meant that the dreamer was heyoka, a person special to the Thunder Beings.

Above Center: Ear stones were attached to a horses mane, one before and one behind the ear. These were meant to improve the horse's eyesight and hearing. The fact that they include black and white stones indicate their heyoka connection to the Thunder Beings.

Above Right: A long haired horse placed on the palm of a hand that includes an echinacea flower (prairie cone flower). The echinacea was used to provide healing powers. The horses head is down indicating illness. In this case the individual receiving the healing was Crazy Horse and this was used after he was shot in the face by "No Water." No Water was angry with Crazy Horse because of Crazy Horse's relationship with No Water's wife, Black Buffalo Woman.

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