Wicasa Pejuta

Herbal Wotawe
of the Lakota Medicine Man Woptuha

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Wicasa Pejuta
Woptuha Book 5
Shunke Wakan

Hard bound, 9x7 inches, 52 pages.

In the late 1800s the Lakota Medicine Man  Pte He Woptuha made thousands of wotawe, objects which, when combined with words and song, could render assistance, give protection to and magical powers to their users. Over his lifetime Woptuha created thousands of these objects and these were passed down through his descendents. This book presents a few of the objects relating to the use of plants. On behalf of his people Woptuha served as both wicasa wakan, a holy man who could intercede with the spirit world, and wicasa pejuta, a man wise in the use of plants for healing.
     The specific plants to which the wotawe relate are somewhat subject to guesswork as are the empowering words and songs and the actual uses for and effectiveness of the plants.
     My purpose here is to provide a visual record of the art and craftsmanship of Woptuha and to make a small contribution to the preservation of Lakota culture. This is one of a series of books presenting the various wotawe from an artistís point of view, looking at uses, groupings, similarities and craftsmanship.

This book is being printed on demand only, one at a time, the number printed is expected to be small.

Above Left: Group of single continuous petaled flowers.

Above Center: Four petaled flower similar to mustard family.

Above Right: Flower similar to some type of lily.

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