Shadow World Voices
The Yuwipi Figures
of the Lakota Medicine Man Woptuha

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Hard bound, 9x7 inches, 52 pages.

The Yuwipi ceremony was performed by Lakota medicine men on behalf of their fellow Lakota as  means of finding things. The medicine man was bound with his hands behind his back. Then he was covered head to foot with a cloak and this was bound around him. Various spirit were called upon for their help. These could include many animals.

During the 1800s Lakota medicine man Pte He Woptuha (Buffalo Horn Chips) made many Yuwipi figures  in conjunction with this ceremony and these represent the bound  medicine man and the spirit being called upon. These include not only large animals such as elk and moose but many smaller animals like birds and insects. Elements representing the various spirits are added to the Yuwipi figures such as antlers, beaks and wings depending on the animal spirit. This book presents a number of Yuwipi figures some with multiple images and close-ups so that the artistry and craftsmanship of Woptuha may be appreciated.

This book is being printed on demand only, one at a time, the number printed is expected to be small.

Above Left: This Stone Dreamer Yuwipi figure has a small quartz stone in the head position.

Above Center: Yuwipi figures include elements of insects, buffalo and eagle.

Above Right: Elk Yuwipi figures featured antlers to identify the elk. They could be used to promote leadership or love.

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