Talking to Spirits:
Talismanic Relics of the  Lakota Medicine Man

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Hard bound, 9x7 inches, 54 pages.

Woptuha was the powerful medicine man who created various talismans, charms and amulets (called wotawe) for the Lakota. He was a cousin of and hunka brother to Crazy Horse. He made wotawe for Crazy Horse as well as other leaders such as Sitting Bull and Red Cloud who used them to give them animal spirit power, to attract good and ward off evil. Now made available from private Lakota collections these objects may help give insight to and appreciation for Lakota culture on a level not normally achieved.

History focuses on the importance of the warrior in Lakota society at the expense of the highly significant role of the medicine man. This effort focuses on the objects made by Woptuha in hopes of encouraging discussion about the belief system that supported Lakota society.

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Above Left: Two Yuwipi figures representing Woptuha (Eagle headdress) and his eagle spirit guide.

Above Center: Two views of a Yuwipi figure representing the Eagle spirit guide of Woptuha.

Above Right: Crazy Horse wotawe with medicine bundle containing hair.

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