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The following books are currently through These are being printed on demand only, that is, one at a time. This approach, while seemingly a bit expensive, makes it possible to bring this material to those with a special interest in the material. (How to use to buy books)

Franz Brown

Brochure or catalog type books on the paintings of Franz Brown.

Mary Louise (Tejeda) Brown

Franz Brown's parents were both artists. His father (Reynold Brown 1917-1991) was the highly regarded movie poster illustrator. His mother (Mary Louise  Brown. b. 1921) is a pastel artist, she lives in Nebraska. A sample catalog of her popular sketchbook paintings is available through the link below. 

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Eagle Spirit Yuwipi figure:

Above is a wotawe representing Woptuha's personal spirit guide, an eagle spirit in the form of a Yuwipi figure.

 The Talismans, Charms and Amulets
of the Lakota Medicine Man Woptuha

Wotawe were used by the Lakota to give them various forms of protection and powers. They combine the powers attributed to amulets, charms and talismans in western culture. (An amulet provides protection against bad things, such as bullets or sickness. A charm acts to attract good things such as love, a spouse or success on a hunt. The talisman brings to the user special powers, for the Lakota spirit powers. Dragonfly power gave the user the ability to dart about to avoid bullets. Bear spirit could give healing powers or ferocity in battle.)

Woptuha, a Lakota Medicine Man (1836-1916), made many wotawe during the 1800s and these were used by the great Lakota leaders as well as other medicine men to empower and protect their people. The objects were preserved by Woptuha and passed down to his descendents. In cooperation with the various owners of the objects a number of them have been photographed by Franz Brown. The photographs were published in this series of books to give recognition to the art of Woptuha, to preserve the memory of this important leader and to assist in understanding this important culture of the American Great Plains.

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Printing Problems. These books are being printed by Sometimes they have printing problems. I hate to apologize for their printing problems but alas I must, for they have an automated system which needs a bit of work. For example on rare occasions book covers come with the wrong contents. If you have problems please contact lulu using their e-mail support page and tell them the problem.  They will work with you to solve problems. You will generally need to take a digital picture of the book to show the problem to lulu.

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